A Letter to my American friend

P.S. (追伸)
June 27th 2017

(After writing letter,

Dear Mimi,

It was after Fukushima nuclear power plant accident when I knew the real mechanism of the world.

I also had felt very doubt that my illness would not improve with medicine but rather more suffered for it.
I began to think that Modern Western medical world is something not be trusted.
That was a beginning me to have doubt.

Why so many people get sick around the world?

Why do we have to a lot of medicine and medical expenses for it are so high?

and even if taking medicine, there are not of few people are dying of disease for cure unknown.

After 3.11, I had a question also;
There are so many nuclear power plants around the world, Why?
Yet It has not been proved to be safe though!

Why is it going on all over the world what we really know it's not right?

When seeking for the benefit of the treating this dangerous energy,
or seeking for the benefit of Modern medical industry,

I realized,
the fact is,

this world is dominated by a handful of billionaires.
For Money!

It was the big reason for it,

For money!

I was very shocked that our lives were controlled for their benefit.
As if we are living for them! Our life are in their hands!

About my father,
I loved my father so much. He was suffering in his last years for disease.

Most cause of his suffering, was the way of medication, I believe.

My father trusted the doctor's words, continued to take medicine believing the effect that Western medicine would work.

While he suffered,
I knew the system of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical would not save him though,
I didn't say anything.
Shutting my mouse, just I gave up. At that time only few people just listened my words.

That was six years ago.
I feel strong resentment.

Now , I knew,
my friend is facing it in same suffering and fighting against.


too many people are sick now in America. There are really few healthy people.
The pharmaceutical industry, which sells medicines for treatment, is so huge and more profitable.

the prints and DVDs I send with letter may feel stressed to you because of its content, and would become a heavy burden for your health, maybe.

I'm so sorry if you feel down for it.


I'm admitting also,
you are a citizen of America where faced a real changing.

I recommend you to face this fact with courage if you feel something Injustice in USA.

America has been in really difficulty.

The truth was covered up and not given to people, the most intense subject of population reduction under NWO are spreading around. Food is not safe anymore in many stores.
Even tap water in each house is not safe. Did you know that why does it happens in only America?

I am praying that American citizens will notice this and fight for a real freedom and for a democracy to get true freedom of life.

Everybody has to have a right to live happily!
You too!

I feel that the time is coming so close for American citizens and Japanese citizens to wake up. Great things may happen in the world in the summer, or fall?

Anyway, it would not be next year.

America will wake up to the truth.

I pray for it.

please do not forsake your hope, fight in your life and win.

I remember,
you encouraged me when I told you our peace walk plan.That time, I had no idea for it just an idea so that you suggested how we should prepare for it powerfully. Your words were so strong and made me awake!
do you remember?

In my memory
You are a person who has strong spirit.
fighting your figure is appropriate.


Homemade Ramen - このビデオは凄い!猫ちゃんもいいぞ!

Homemade Ramen

Published on Feb 24, 2017
Thank you for watching!

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Chef Knife: Sekimagoroku Gyuto (http://amzn.to/1OkxnYt)

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Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000 (http://goo.gl/htPRH1)

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 Instagram (インスタ): https://www.instagram.com/junskitchen/

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Ingredients (serves 2 - 3)

-Char-siu pork-
500g Boston butt (You can use belly part which has more fat as well.)
1 Green Onion (Green part)
2 – 3 slices of ginger
1 clove of garlic

-Char siu Sauce -
150ml soy sauce
100ml mirin
100ml sake
1tbs sugar
1tsp salt
50ml water
50ml boito stock soup (optional)

-Boiled Eggs-
2 eggs
50% Char siu sauce
50% water
※ Pour the sauce and water until it covers the eggs. Having a paper towel on top of the eggs help soak the sauce evenly. This also applies to the pork.

-Chicken soup-
1 chicken bone
3 – 5 chicken wings
1 green onion (green part)
2 slices of ginger
water (enough to cover the ingredients in your pot)

-Fish Soup-
2 cups of boiling (soft) water
10g bonito flakes
30g Japanese anchovy

※ You can use fish stock that already has mushroom, kelp and anchovy in it. They are always on the same shelf as bonito flakes in Japan.

-Mushroom Soup-
2 dried shiitake mushrooms
100ml water

-Kombu Soup-
10g Kelp
100ml water

-Clam Soup-
Any types of clam you want
500ml water
50ml sake

-Thick Soy sauce-
50ml soy sauce
5g kelp
5g bonito flakes
Put the bonito flakes and a piece of kelp in a tea bag and soak them in soy sauce overnight.

-Chicken Oil-
1 chicken skin
2g salt

-Soup Ratio-
fish soup: chicken soup: clam soup: Kombu soup: mushroom soup = 4 : 3 : 1 : 1 : 1

YouTube Channel: https://goo.gl/45MVm1



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